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Sade Slaughter

Noteworthy Business Plans for Top Tier Businesses

EntrepreneuMe Services is dedicated to the success of your business. We specialize in creating business plans for small businesses to receive investor, banker, and/or lender funding. Our highly qualified team of professionals will help you develop a comprehensive plan that strategically positions your company for success. Our team of business plan writers work diligently with clients to provide them with everything they need to present their business opportunity to stakeholders.

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We Design a Plan That Helps You

In a very competitive marketplace, it is critical for businesses to have an effective business plan. We will help you create a business plan for your startup or existing small business to attract investors and map out your keys to success.

Understand Your Business

Build foundational knowledge about your business, the industry and your competition

Create Effective Marketing

Understand your marketing strategies, pricing strategies, and competitive advantage

Identify Your Audience

Learn who your target market is so you can identify your unique selling position

Launch your business with a plan that empowers and guides you to success

Launch and Iterate

The Founder

Specializing in DIY business and finance consulting, Sade Slaughter has become an empowering leader to her peers and clients alike. The idea and creation of EntrepreneuMe Services was carefully thought out with her dedicating love to transform one's dreams into an attainable reality. Her own goals have led her to receiving a Bachelor's of Science in Business Management and achieving a Six Sigma certification and a Marketing Strategy certificate from Cornell University. Her vast knowledge of business, marketing and finance has allowed her to create strategic partnerships that help benefit her customers and community. Driven by excellence, she has given purpose to her life by helping others find theirs.

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Happy Clients

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"A Dream Without A Plan 
Is Just a Wish"


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