Providing a clear path to financial lite
EnrepreneuMe provides advice that makes a difference, assisting individuals and groups in building companies and brands that stand the test of time. 
Sade Slaughter, founder of EntrepreneuMe, has proudly serviced and continues to service clientele seeking to strengthen operations through best practices, build value, and instill productive financial habits. 
Driven by excellence, Sade facilitates others in finding their purpose as she serves her life's purpose, too.
Renters to Homebuyers

Lauren Johnson

"The business start-up session with Sade was an excellent course that motivated and helped me focus on taking the necessary steps to start my business. Sade was patient, very knowledgeable and provided helpful resources to get my entrepreneurial journal started. four months later, I still find myself reviewing the pack provided. I would recommend anyone thinking about starting a business to do the business start-up session."



Indianapolis, IN

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